PicTTalk (pictorial Tools For Talking)

picTTalk (pictorial Tools for Talking)

PicTTalk the new communication app developed by Keele University and Asist is now available for both Apple and Android devices!


picTTalk (pictorial Tools for Talking) was developed over five years by professionals, children and adults with a learning disability.  Keele University and Asist Advocacy Services developed picTTalk to facilitate stories and conversations.  picTTalk can help people have a voice in what’s happening to them in their lives.

Professionals using picTTalk can help people as questions, to indicate choices and share information about health and explore sensitive topics such as loss and bereavement.  picTTalk can be used by a range of professionals, including advocates, nurses, physiotherapists, and GP’s to help people talk about difficult topics and to promote spontaneous expression that can be shared with others.   



Download if for free from the Apps Store


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