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Gordon Bromage

MP Stoke Central


Gordon Bromage travels independently and is good at talking in meetings and listening to other people.

Gordon often speaks up about making information clear and the support people need at work placements and in paid jobs.

Reach MPs go to meetings to find out information, to ask questions and to speak up for you.

You can speak to your local Reach MP about things that are important to you.

“Speak up about something and see if you can get things done.”


Latest News - Stoke-on-Trent Reach Elections

Reach are working with people at the drop-in at St. John’s Café in Abbey Hulton and at Waterside in Blurton to elect some new Reach MPs.

Reach MPs Gordon Bromage and Margaret Mason have been to election meetings to talk to people about the role of a Reach MP.

Reach project workers are supporting five people at St. John’s and eight people at Waterside to run their campaigns to become a Reach MP.  There will be two new Reach MPs from St. John’s and two from Waterside.

People are being supported to make campaign posters and videos highlighting why they would make a good Reach MP.  Both elections will be held by the end of October 2012.