Ascertain Wishes and Views on Accommodation

Ascertain Wishes And Views On Accommodation

The individual lived in a residential care home and was refusing his meals especially breakfast therefore the staff believed that he was indicating that he wanted to leave the home.  I made several visits to see the individual, initially he was afraid scared and nervous and all the questions I asked he just said ‘yeah, yeah, yeah’.

Eventually after building a confident trusting one to one relationship he began to express his views and worries to me fully he told me gradually he was refusing his food because he was worried about his brother and his mother that he used to live with and he was upset because his contact with them had been stopped. 

He told me he loved living at the home but he wanted contact with his family again as this would make him happy. We spoke with those in charge and contact by telephone commenced with his family and in due course he started to eat again. He was happy with the outcome and I closed his file.

Sometime later I was told by the staff that since he had advocacy support and had contact with his family he had become more confident. I thought that this was a wonderful and positive outcome!

That’s the thing about advocacy, you can go in to work on one specific task and then these tasks can develop into others which means the individual can also be supported with other things that concern them.

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