• Candice Grigg

Case Studies

Case Study 1

The service user has suffered with mental health problems over the years; he has a taxi licence and this helps with his daily living. Due to covid-19 all council offices have been closed and renewing an application has to be done online.

The service user cannot read or write and has no support network; if his badge is not renewed he cannot drive. Nobody knows when offices will re-open?

Our Advocate has supported him to email through all relevant information so that his licence can be renewed without delay.

For our service user the impact of not having a licence would be severe, not only as a key income source, but driving helps him to focus and maintain his mental well-being.

Case Study 2

The service user changed GP practice during covid-19 told he needed to complete the medical questionnaire and as reception were moving people in and out of the surgery they said they couldn't help him complete it.

Our Advocate supported from a safe distance to complete the form. Without this form he wouldn't have been able to obtain a doctors appointment.

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