The Generic Communication Toolkit

Are You Communicating Clearly?

The Generic Communication Toolkit

The Communication Toolkit has been developed in partnership with people who have learning disabilities and a range of healthcare professionals. Designed to provide a compact, robust and portable tool for workers both in the community and in care settings, the Generic Communications Toolkit enables creative approaches to communication. The Toolkit has been extremely well received by both advocates and workers in health and social care.

What's in the Toolkit

  • The Toolkit contains 30 colour coded cue cards, a microfibre bag and a 'Top Tips' guide to using the toolkit.
  • The cards display a pictogram on both sides with a suggested meaning on one side. This allows the tool to become personalised for each user, adapting the cards with dry-wipe pens, and easily wiped clean with the supplied microfibre bag.
  • The toolkit also contains transparent cross and tick overlay cards to strongly express decisions and emotions, and a blank card is provided as a canvas for new ideas.
  • This versatile, hygienic and creative communication tool can be used to build stories, aid decision making and express emotions.




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