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Care Act


The Care Act 2014 came into effect on 1st April 2015. The Act introduces principles of wellbeing and prevention and the recognition that an individual, their family and/or carer must be enabled to make decisions regarding their own care.

The Care Act places a new duty on local authorities to provide access to independent advocacy to those who would have substantial difficulty in being involved in care and support ‘processes’ and have no appropriate or available individual(s) who can support their involvement.


• Adults with care and support needs

• Carers with support needs

• Adult carers of a young people in transition

The Care Act extends the right for eligible people to have independent advocacy to help them be actively involved in their care and support process, including:

• an adult’s needs assessment

• a carer’s assessment

• the preparation of an adult’s care and support plan or support plan

• a review of an adult’s care and support plan or support plan

• a safeguarding enquiry

• a safeguarding adults review

A referral can only be made from a social worker

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