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Key points about Advocacy

Reach Expert positive and negative stori
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Advocates do not have a magic wand.

Advocates do not have all the answers 

Advocates can make sure people’s voices are heard and that people have information about decisions that are made about them.

When people we support are unhappy with decisions made about them it can be frustrating for advocates too!

It is important that advocates have regular support to better handle these frustrations.

We all have our own personal values and beliefs in life. Advocates are no different.

It is important that advocates always keep these separate from the advocacy work

Advocacy Checklist

  •  advocacy is person centred

  •  advocacy can take time

  •  advocates don’t give advice

  •  advocacy is about actions

  •  information is power

  •  preparation is essential

  •  communication is key

  •  advocates need support too!

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